Bit n Bridle Show 2021, 5/16/2021

Only BRHF sanctioned classes and members shown

Class Number Class Name Place BackNumber Rider Horse
1Model Hunter12824Kaitlyn ShawTwelfth of Never
4Beginner Hunter Rider WT12669Grace KramerThe Doctor
22764Sally GowenWayward Eagle
62847Alexis HindsPine Creeks Emma
5Beginner Hunter Rider WTC22669Grace KramerThe Doctor
62847Alexis HindsPine Creeks Emma
62764Sally GowenWayward Eagle
6Beginner Hunter Rider - Crossrails12669Grace KramerThe Doctor
32847Alexis HindsPine Creeks Emma
42764Sally GowenWayward Eagle
7Youth Hunter Pleasure WT42669Grace KramerThe Doctor
8Youth Hunter Pleasure WTC42669Grace KramerThe Doctor
9Youth Hunter Pleasure Hack12669Grace KramerThe Doctor
10Youth Hunt Seat Equitation - Flat52669Grace KramerThe Doctor
11Adult Hunter Pleasure WT12812Kailey AncarrowIndigo Ivy
52737Marissa HancockAnything but Ordinary
12Adult Hunter Pleasure WTC12812Kailey AncarrowIndigo Ivy
42737Marissa HancockAnything but Ordinary
13Adult Hunter Pleasure Hack22737Marissa HancockAnything but Ordinary
32812Kailey AncarrowIndigo Ivy
14Adult Hunt Seat Equitation12824Kaitlyn ShawTwelfth of Never
32812Kailey AncarrowIndigo Ivy
18Hopeful Hunter OF - A42824Kaitlyn ShawTwelfth of Never
19Hopeful Hunter OF B32824Kaitlyn ShawTwelfth of Never
20Hopeful Hunter US12824Kaitlyn ShawTwelfth of Never
22Adult Hunt Seat EQ OF22824Kaitlyn ShawTwelfth of Never
23Schooling Hunter OF - A32737Marissa HancockAnything but Ordinary
24Schooling Hunter OF - B32737Marissa HancockAnything but Ordinary
25Schooling Hunter US42737Marissa HancockAnything but Ordinary