Greenhill Park Winter Show Series III, 3/1/2020

Only BRHF sanctioned classes and members shown

Class Number Class Name Place BackNumber Rider Horse
1Model Horse/Pony32725Mika BowmanThe Last Blue Sky
42782Alexis HindsStarbounds Hootie Hoo
2Showmanship22718Kathryn DavisStars on my Sneakers
3Coached Showmanship12764Sally GowenBuffalo Lily Hopper
4Leadline12776Atreyu JacobsClose Enoughs Ziggy Stardust
5Coached GAYP12764Sally GowenBuffalo Lily Hopper
10English Pleasure W/T12718Kathryn DavisStars on my Sneakers
12728Joanne WardellBlue Eyed Dreamer
22725Mika BowmanThe Last Blue Sky
22765Randi CooperHeart of Gold
32733Shelly DimmickSpring Valleys Huckabee
42744Hannah ChockleyPioneer Bird
52779Allison EakinIron and Embers RSF
62783Julie PotterCareless Kisses
11Hunter Pleasure WT12718Kathryn DavisStars on my Sneakers
22725Mika BowmanThe Last Blue Sky
32724Jennifer AltmanBlue Eyed Bandit
52728Joanne WardellBlue Eyed Dreamer
62744Hannah ChockleyPioneer Bird
15Western Pleasure W/J22516Amanda RobertsBreak of Dawn
32728Joanne WardellBlue Eyed Dreamer
42729Michelle SimmonsSpring Valleys Zelda
62742Lexie CatronElmer J Fudd
17Ranch Riding WJ32729Michelle SimmonsSpring Valleys Zelda
52516Amanda RobertsBreak of Dawn
62742Lexie CatronElmer J Fudd
18Ranch Riding WJL22516Amanda RobertsBreak of Dawn
42729Michelle SimmonsSpring Valleys Zelda
62742Lexie CatronElmer J Fudd
19Ranch Riding Pattern22516Amanda RobertsBreak of Dawn
20Potato Race52718Kathryn DavisStars on my Sneakers
21Coached Potato Race12764Sally GowenBuffalo Lily Hopper
22776Atreyu JacobsClose Enoughs Ziggy Stardust
22Egg & Spoon12516Amanda RobertsBreak of Dawn
52742Lexie CatronElmer J Fudd
23Pole Bending22728Joanne WardellBlue Eyed Dreamer
24Cloverleaf Barrel Race22744Hannah ChockleyPioneer Bird
32728Joanne WardellBlue Eyed Dreamer
29Ride-A-Buck22742Lexie CatronElmer J Fudd