Walnut Spring Stables 12th Annual Fall Frolic, 10/11/2020

Only BRHF sanctioned classes and members shown

Class Number Class Name Place BackNumber Rider Horse
1Model English12800Phia FlynnFlit Flash Fly
2Model Western12802Rickey BobbittPocos Sonny Lad Tucker
3Youth Showmanship12806Keagan RogersPoco Dottie
22800Phia FlynnFlit Flash Fly
32804Lyndsay MillerMinister of Magic
42848Grace MadsenLittle Miss Muffet
52849Sophia SimpsonChampagne Bella
4Coached Showmanship12803Sadie QuesenberryLittle Miss Muffet
5Adult Showmanship12802Rickey BobbittPocos Sonny Lad Tucker
6Leadline12803Sadie QuesenberryLittle Miss Muffet
7Coached GAYP Equitation22803Sadie QuesenberryLittle Miss Muffet
9Beginner Hunter Rider wt12848Grace MadsenLittle Miss Muffet
22806Keagan RogersPoco Dottie
32849Sophia SimpsonChampagne Bella
10Beginner Hunter Rider wtc12848Grace MadsenLittle Miss Muffet
22849Sophia SimpsonChampagne Bella
32806Keagan RogersPoco Dottie
11Beginner Hunter Rider crossrails12849Sophia SimpsonChampagne Bella
22848Grace MadsenLittle Miss Muffet
32806Keagan RogersPoco Dottie
15Youth Hunter Pleasure WT 12 and under22850Phia FlynnLocal Commotion
16Youth Hunter Pleasure WTC 12 and under32850Phia FlynnLocal Commotion
17Youth Hunter Pleasure Hack 12 and under32850Phia FlynnLocal Commotion
18Youth Hunter Pleasure WT 13-1732804Lyndsay MillerMinister of Magic
19Youth Hunter Pleasure WTC 13-1732804Lyndsay MillerMinister of Magic
20Youth Hunter Pleasure Hack 13-1732804Lyndsay MillerMinister of Magic
24Youth English Pleasure wt22804Lyndsay MillerMinister of Magic
32850Phia FlynnLocal Commotion
25Youth English Pleasure wtc32804Lyndsay MillerMinister of Magic
42850Phia FlynnLocal Commotion
26Youth English Pleasure gayp32804Lyndsay MillerMinister of Magic
42849Sophia SimpsonChampagne Bella
52850Phia FlynnLocal Commotion
27Open English Pleasure WT22804Lyndsay MillerMinister of Magic
42850Phia FlynnLocal Commotion
28Open English Pleasure GAYP32804Lyndsay MillerMinister of Magic
52850Phia FlynnLocal Commotion
29English Equitation wt22804Lyndsay MillerMinister of Magic
62850Phia FlynnLocal Commotion
30English Equitation wtc12804Lyndsay MillerMinister of Magic
31Intermediate Hunter Rider O/F Course A12804Lyndsay MillerMinister of Magic
32Intermediate Hunter Rider O/F Course B32804Lyndsay MillerMinister of Magic
33Intermediate Hunter Rider U/S12804Lyndsay MillerMinister of Magic
43Baby Green O/F Course A12800Phia FlynnFlit Flash Fly
49Youth Western Pleasure wj12804Lyndsay MillerMinister of Magic
22850Phia FlynnLocal Commotion
51Youth Western Pleasure gayp12804Lyndsay MillerMinister of Magic
22850Phia FlynnLocal Commotion
52Stockseat WJ22850Phia FlynnLocal Commotion
32804Lyndsay MillerMinister of Magic