New London Horse Show Series, 8/8/2020

Only BRHF sanctioned classes and members shown

Class Number Class Name Place BackNumber Rider Horse
101Model Hunter22725Mika BowmanThe Last Blue Sky
52656Braylee HartmanMore Hot Promises
102Model English42726Helene SageCurtain Call
103Model Western12802Rickey BobbittPocos Sonny Lad Tucker
32741Kason TomsD Bar Diamond Casper
104Model Ranch Horse32741Kason TomsD Bar Diamond Casper
52802Rickey BobbittPocos Sonny Lad Tucker
106Showmanship 12 & under22656Braylee HartmanMore Hot Promises
107Showmanship 13 -1722741Kason TomsD Bar Diamond Casper
108Adult Showmanship12802Rickey BobbittPocos Sonny Lad Tucker
109Costume32741Kason TomsD Bar Diamond Casper
113Coached Trail12764Sally GowenBuffalo Lily Hopper
114Coached Potato Race32764Sally GowenBuffalo Lily Hopper
119Hunter Hack22656Braylee HartmanMore Hot Promises
120English Pleasure WT52726Helene SageCurtain Call
121English Pleasure WTC52726Helene SageCurtain Call
122English Pleasure GAYP42726Helene SageCurtain Call
127Youth Hunter Pleasure WT 12 & Under & 13-1722656Braylee HartmanMore Hot Promises
32010Sophie BrooksRosies Gem of Snowbaker
128Hunter Pleasure WTC 12 & Under & 13-1712656Braylee HartmanMore Hot Promises
129Hunter Equitation WTC 12 & under & 13-1712656Braylee HartmanMore Hot Promises
133Adult Hunter Pleasure WT22725Mika BowmanThe Last Blue Sky
138Bareback GAYP12741Kason TomsD Bar Diamond Casper
52656Braylee HartmanMore Hot Promises
139Ride a Buck22774Caitlin KirkLilac
32741Kason TomsD Bar Diamond Casper
42656Braylee HartmanMore Hot Promises
147Open Rider Senior Horse WJ62741Kason TomsD Bar Diamond Casper
148Open Rider Senior Horse WJL12741Kason TomsD Bar Diamond Casper
150Youth Western Pleasure W/J (12 & under, 13-17)32741Kason TomsD Bar Diamond Casper
42516Amanda RobertsBreak of Dawn
62774Caitlin KirkLilac
151Youth Western Pleasure W/J/L (12 & under, 13-17)12741Kason TomsD Bar Diamond Casper
42516Amanda RobertsBreak of Dawn
155Stockseat Equitation 13-1722741Kason TomsD Bar Diamond Casper
32516Amanda RobertsBreak of Dawn
160Ranch Riding Youth12741Kason TomsD Bar Diamond Casper
52516Amanda RobertsBreak of Dawn
163Youth Ranch Riding Pattern42741Kason TomsD Bar Diamond Casper
52516Amanda RobertsBreak of Dawn
166Youth Ranch Reining22516Amanda RobertsBreak of Dawn
42741Kason TomsD Bar Diamond Casper
171In Hand Trail42741Kason TomsD Bar Diamond Casper
172Trail12741Kason TomsD Bar Diamond Casper