Sprouses Corner Ranch Open Show Series #1, 4/21/2018

Only BRHF sanctioned classes and members shown

Class Number Class Name Place BackNumber Rider Horse
7Beginner Hunter Horse/Pony W/T12536Alexis SmallJust watch me
62685Jadalyn HullToma Hawk Talk
8Beginner Hunter Horse Pony W/T/C12536Alexis SmallJust watch me
62685Jadalyn HullToma Hawk Talk
9Beginner Hunter Horse Pony Crossrails12536Alexis SmallJust watch me
52685Jadalyn HullToma Hawk Talk
13Youth Hunter Pleasure WT32590Emma Ann RansonLM Flashy Star
42618Julia BeckerBC Sadiki
52628Alexandra MillerBilt in a Minute
14Youth Hunter Pleasure WTC12590Emma Ann RansonLM Flashy Star
42628Alexandra MillerBilt in a Minute
52618Julia BeckerBC Sadiki
16Adult Hunter Pleasure W/T22651Shelby SteeleHeart of Gold
17Adult Hunter Pleasure W/T/C22651Shelby SteeleHeart of Gold
18Adult Hunter Pleasure Hack22651Shelby SteeleHeart of Gold
23Youth Hunter Equitation WTC12628Alexandra MillerBilt in a Minute
22653Anna LucyThe Doctor
32536Alexis SmallJust watch me
52590Emma Ann RansonLM Flashy Star
62688Kylar MasonMustang Sally
29In Hand Trail12618Julia BeckerBC Sadiki
30Coached Trail12662Vivian JonesBabydoll
34Pleasure Driving12595Jake JacobsonDonnie Darko
36Leadline32698Harrison CasterOnly A Bankers Buddy
38Coached Go As You Please Equitation12662Vivian JonesBabydoll
41English Pleasure WT12658Abigail AndersonDLH Zippin Chyenne
32628Alexandra MillerBilt in a Minute
52656Braylee HartmanH R Puff N Stuff
42English Pleasure WTC22658Abigail AndersonDLH Zippin Chyenne
52651Shelby SteeleHeart of Gold
43English Pleasure GAYP22637Lauri SitesPushers Black Onyx
32628Alexandra MillerBilt in a Minute
42658Abigail AndersonDLH Zippin Chyenne
52651Shelby SteeleHeart of Gold
44English Equitation WT12658Abigail AndersonDLH Zippin Chyenne
45English Equitation WTC12651Shelby SteeleHeart of Gold
32628Alexandra MillerBilt in a Minute
42658Abigail AndersonDLH Zippin Chyenne
46English Pleasure GAYP Jackpot22658Abigail AndersonDLH Zippin Chyenne
32637Lauri SitesPushers Black Onyx
62610Lauren StoneJellicos Colors and Honors
47Walking Horse Flatshod12637Lauri SitesPushers Black Onyx
50Plantation Specialty Walking Horse (No Canter)12637Lauri SitesPushers Black Onyx
51Western Pleasure WJ22661Whitney BrandtPerfect by Design
52Western Pleasure GAYP22661Whitney BrandtPerfect by Design
53Western Pleasure WJL22661Whitney BrandtPerfect by Design
54Western Pleasure WJL Jackpot12661Whitney BrandtPerfect by Design
55Stock Seat Equitation WJ12661Whitney BrandtPerfect by Design
56Stock Seat Equitation WJL22661Whitney BrandtPerfect by Design
57Ranch Riding WJ32569Ashley WallaceQ Cat Man King
59Ranch Riding WJL22569Ashley WallaceQ Cat Man King
61Ranch Riding Pattern22569Ashley WallaceQ Cat Man King
62Open Ranch Horse Riding WJL Jackpot12569Ashley WallaceQ Cat Man King
361Model Hunter22653Anna LucyThe Doctor
32618Julia BeckerBC Sadiki
362Model English12610Lauren StoneJellicos Colors and Honors
32653Anna LucyThe Doctor
52658Abigail AndersonDLH Zippin Chyenne
363Model Western52661Whitney BrandtPerfect by Design
371Coached Showmanship32662Vivian JonesBabydoll
372Youth Showmanship22618Julia BeckerBC Sadiki
32663Rachel ReevesRockin Rodder
42319Minnie WallaceAvalon Diaam Zaakir
52653Anna LucyThe Doctor
373Adult Showmanship12661Whitney BrandtPerfect by Design
22569Ashley WallaceQ Cat Man King