Hear the Beat Open Horse Show & 4-H Qualifier, 6/3/2018

Only BRHF sanctioned classes and members shown

Class Number Class Name Place BackNumber Rider Horse
1Model Hunter22668Brittany JacobsSneakn In Your Blue Jeans
2English Showmanship12593Kathryn DavisYa Missed A Spot
22668Brittany JacobsSneakn In Your Blue Jeans
5Beginner Hunter Rider w/t/c32643Kinsley PriceAndromeda
7Hunter Pleasure WT42628Alexandra MillerBilt in a Minute
52593Kathryn DavisYa Missed A Spot
8Hunter Pleasure WTC32628Alexandra MillerBilt in a Minute
42593Kathryn DavisYa Missed A Spot
52536Alexis SmallJust watch me
11Intermediate Hunter Rider WTC32628Alexandra MillerBilt in a Minute
19Hopeful Hunter on the flat52593Kathryn DavisYa Missed A Spot
27Intermediate Hunter Rider O/F52628Alexandra MillerBilt in a Minute
28Hunter Pleasure Hack12593Kathryn DavisYa Missed A Spot
42628Alexandra MillerBilt in a Minute
32Hopeful Hunter Horse/Pony O/F22593Kathryn DavisYa Missed A Spot
35Model Western12562Kevin TottenMajor Fellusive
22661Whitney BrandtPerfect by Design
42459Rickey BobbittZippos Little Gypsy
62596Taylor CaleZippos Made Two Times
36Western Showmanship12569Ashley WallaceQ Cat Man King
22645Cheyenne McDowellDr. Pleasure PhD
38Beginner Western Rider WJ12647Taylor SmithLoven On CinnaBar
39Beginner Western Rider WJL12647Taylor SmithLoven On CinnaBar
40Beginner Western Rider, GAYP12647Taylor SmithLoven On CinnaBar
41Western Pleasure WJ12661Whitney BrandtPerfect by Design
42647Taylor SmithLoven On CinnaBar
42Western Pleasure WJL12661Whitney BrandtPerfect by Design
43Western Pleasure GAYP12661Whitney BrandtPerfect by Design
44Stock Seat Equitation WJ12661Whitney BrandtPerfect by Design
22645Cheyenne McDowellDr. Pleasure PhD
32633Colleen PlaugherSheza Wheelin Tenlino
45Stock Seat Equitation WJL12661Whitney BrandtPerfect by Design
22633Colleen PlaugherSheza Wheelin Tenlino
47Ranch Riding WJ Rail Class22633Colleen PlaugherSheza Wheelin Tenlino
52645Cheyenne McDowellDr. Pleasure PhD
62569Ashley WallaceQ Cat Man King
48Ranch Riding WJL Rail Class32633Colleen PlaugherSheza Wheelin Tenlino
62569Ashley WallaceQ Cat Man King
49Ranch Riding WJ Pattern22633Colleen PlaugherSheza Wheelin Tenlino
42569Ashley WallaceQ Cat Man King
50Ranch Riding WJL Pattern22633Colleen PlaugherSheza Wheelin Tenlino