Sprouses Corner Ranch Series Fall Show #4, 11/12/2016

Only BRHF sanctioned classes and members shown

Class Number Class Name Place BackNumber Rider Horse
1Model Hunter22522Avery IversOops-A-Daisy
52510Grace HarmonPi R Squared
62534Emma WallaceDonnie Darko
2Therapeutic Rider Walk12010Sophie BrooksWayward Eagle
3Therapeutic Rider Walk/Trot12010Sophie BrooksWayward Eagle
4Beginner Hunter Rider WT22511Anna LucyChampers
32527Emma Ann RansonLM Flashy Star
5Beginner Hunter Rider WTC12511Anna LucyChampers
32527Emma Ann RansonLM Flashy Star
42751Erica RatcliffeQuest
6Beginner Hunter Rider 18" Cross Rails12511Anna LucyChampers
22527Emma Ann RansonLM Flashy Star
32751Erica RatcliffeQuest
7Intermediate Hunter Rider WTC32434Sarah MaggiLATYF
10Beginner Hunter Horse/Pony W/T22434Sarah MaggiLATYF
11Beginner Hunter Horse/Pony walk/trot/canter22434Sarah MaggiLATYF
17Hunter Equitation WTC12511Anna LucyChampers
32527Emma Ann RansonLM Flashy Star
62434Sarah MaggiLATYF
18Youth Hunter Pleasure WT 12 & Under22434Sarah MaggiLATYF
32527Emma Ann RansonLM Flashy Star
42511Anna LucyChampers
19Youth Hunter Pleasure WT 13-1712510Grace HarmonPi R Squared
20Adult Hunter Pleasure WT12145Olivia LeatherwoodPlayboys Tuff Dude
21Youth Hunter Pleasure WTC 12 and under12511Anna LucyChampers
22527Emma Ann RansonLM Flashy Star
32751Erica RatcliffeQuest
52434Sarah MaggiLATYF
22Youth Hunter Pleasure WTC 13-1712510Grace HarmonPi R Squared
23Adult Hunter Pleasure WTC12145Olivia LeatherwoodPlayboys Tuff Dude
28Bareback GAYP12555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
29In Hand Trail12555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
32553Tricia MozingoWhinny For Me Firefly
33Costume32434Sarah MaggiLATYF
35Model English11920Gabrielle ClauserLicense to Fly
22145Olivia LeatherwoodPlayboys Tuff Dude
52434Sarah MaggiLATYF
62541Brigitte GidnerBFC Sheila
37Coached GAYP32508Andrew FinanLarks Cool Moon
62546Savannah JonesThe Doctor
38Coached Potato Race12508Andrew FinanLarks Cool Moon
22546Savannah JonesThe Doctor
40English Pleasure WT41920Gabrielle ClauserLicense to Fly
62534Emma WallaceDonnie Darko
41English Pleasure WTC12145Olivia LeatherwoodPlayboys Tuff Dude
21920Gabrielle ClauserLicense to Fly
32434Sarah MaggiLATYF
42427Sarah ShinaultMochacinno Chips
42English Pleasure GAYP22145Olivia LeatherwoodPlayboys Tuff Dude
32434Sarah MaggiLATYF
41920Gabrielle ClauserLicense to Fly
43English Equitation WT12434Sarah MaggiLATYF
22145Olivia LeatherwoodPlayboys Tuff Dude
31920Gabrielle ClauserLicense to Fly
42522Avery IversOops-A-Daisy
62427Sarah ShinaultMochacinno Chips
51Stock Seat Equitation WJ42475Carley ClintonLegend of Epizod
52Stock Seat Equitation WJL12475Carley ClintonLegend of Epizod
54Youth Western Pleasure WJL12475Carley ClintonLegend of Epizod
12555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
55Open Ranch Riding12530Emily EubankSkips Pretty Rosalie
56Open Western Pleasure WJ12475Carley ClintonLegend of Epizod
22555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
352Model Western12555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
62475Carley ClintonLegend of Epizod
361Coached Showmanship32508Andrew FinanLarks Cool Moon
52546Savannah JonesThe Doctor
362Youth Showmanship11920Gabrielle ClauserLicense to Fly
363Adult Showmanship12555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
22553Tricia MozingoWhinny For Me Firefly
42145Olivia LeatherwoodPlayboys Tuff Dude
52530Emily EubankSkips Pretty Rosalie
451Western Pleasure W/J Youth12475Carley ClintonLegend of Epizod
452Adult Western Pleasure walk/jog22555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
481Western Pleasure GAYP Youth12475Carley ClintonLegend of Epizod
482Adult Western Pleasure GAYP12555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan