New London Horse Show Series at Coyote Crossing: Show #1, 4/30/2016

Only BRHF sanctioned classes and members shown

Class Number Class Name Place BackNumber Rider Horse
1Model Western12555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
22318Kaitlyn BarberZippos Unique Chip
32275Madison MartinJets Lopin Lady
42752Kason TomsUltimately Missy
3Model Hunter22161Grace Harmon8-Bit Avalanche
52522Avery IversOops-A-Daisy
62145Olivia LeatherwoodPlayboys Tuff Dude
5Coached Showmanship22801Laura TaylorIceman
6Showmanship 12 & under22189Mya MartinStormy Girl
32755Jessie TaylorIceman
42527Emma Ann RansonLM Flashy Star
62511Anna LucyChampers
7Showmanship 13 -1712318Kaitlyn BarberZippos Unique Chip
42510Grace HarmonPi R Squared
8Showmanship 18 & Over22555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
32487Brittany JacobsKnighthawkes Bazinga
52145Olivia LeatherwoodPlayboys Tuff Dude
62506Rebecca RaglandA Perfect Zip
10Bareback GAYP32318Kaitlyn BarberZippos Unique Chip
62555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
12Coached GAYP22508Andrew FinanLarks Cool Moon
52755Jessie TaylorIceman
17Hunter Pleasure 12 & Under W/T12434Sarah MaggiLATYF
22554Abigail AndersonLook at Buckshot
42527Emma Ann RansonLM Flashy Star
52511Anna LucyChampers
62189Mya MartinStormy Girl
18Hunter Pleasure, Ages 12 & Under W/T/C12554Abigail AndersonLook at Buckshot
22434Sarah MaggiLATYF
32511Anna LucyChampers
42522Avery IversOops-A-Daisy
62527Emma Ann RansonLM Flashy Star
19Hunt Seat Equitation on the flat 12 & Under WTC12554Abigail AndersonLook at Buckshot
22522Avery IversOops-A-Daisy
32511Anna LucyChampers
42527Emma Ann RansonLM Flashy Star
52434Sarah MaggiLATYF
20Hunter Hack32554Abigail AndersonLook at Buckshot
22Hunter Pleasure 13-17 W/T22316Tiffany WalkerStepped In Snow
32161Grace Harmon8-Bit Avalanche
23Hunter Pleasure 13-17 WTC12161Grace Harmon8-Bit Avalanche
22427Sarah ShinaultMochacinno Chips
62316Tiffany WalkerStepped In Snow
24Hunt Seat Equitation on the flat, 13-17, W/T/C22427Sarah ShinaultMochacinno Chips
25Hunter Pleasure 18 & Over W/T22506Rebecca RaglandA Perfect Zip
32533Chase SeayIceman
42145Olivia LeatherwoodPlayboys Tuff Dude
26Hunter Pleasure 18 & Over WTC32506Rebecca RaglandA Perfect Zip
42145Olivia LeatherwoodPlayboys Tuff Dude
52533Chase SeayIceman
27Hunt Seat Equitation on the Flat 18 & Over32145Olivia LeatherwoodPlayboys Tuff Dude
42506Rebecca RaglandA Perfect Zip
28Beginner Hunter Rider W/T12522Avery IversOops-A-Daisy
22189Mya MartinStormy Girl
32511Anna LucyChampers
42755Jessie TaylorIceman
29Beginner Hunter Rider W/T/C12522Avery IversOops-A-Daisy
22511Anna LucyChampers
30Open English Pleasure GAYP32161Grace Harmon8-Bit Avalanche
52434Sarah MaggiLATYF
62506Rebecca RaglandA Perfect Zip
31Beginner Hunter Horse/Pony W/T32434Sarah MaggiLATYF
32Beginner Hunter Horse/Pony W/T/C12434Sarah MaggiLATYF
36Open Western Pleasure WJL12533Chase SeayIceman
32318Kaitlyn BarberZippos Unique Chip
42275Madison MartinJets Lopin Lady
52475Carley ClintonLegend of Epizod
37Western Pleasure, 12 & Under, W/J12475Carley ClintonLegend of Epizod
22752Kason TomsUltimately Missy
32189Mya MartinStormy Girl
62801Laura TaylorIceman
38Western Pleasure, 12 & Under, W/J/L12475Carley ClintonLegend of Epizod
22752Kason TomsUltimately Missy
39Stock Seat Equitation, 12 & Under, W/J12475Carley ClintonLegend of Epizod
22189Mya MartinStormy Girl
32752Kason TomsUltimately Missy
40Western Pleasure 13-17 WJ32275Madison MartinJets Lopin Lady
52318Kaitlyn BarberZippos Unique Chip
41Western Pleasure, 13-17, W/J/L12318Kaitlyn BarberZippos Unique Chip
22275Madison MartinJets Lopin Lady
42Stock Seat Equitation, 13-17, W/J/L22275Madison MartinJets Lopin Lady
42318Kaitlyn BarberZippos Unique Chip
43Western Pleasure, 18 and over, W/J22555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
46Beginner Western Rider, W/J22189Mya MartinStormy Girl
32801Laura TaylorIceman
48Open Western Pleasure GAYP12275Madison MartinJets Lopin Lady
42752Kason TomsUltimately Missy
52555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
62475Carley ClintonLegend of Epizod
50Ranch Riding Youth22752Kason TomsUltimately Missy
51Ranch Riding Adult12530Emily EubankSkips Pretty Rosalie
52Western Riding Youth32752Kason TomsUltimately Missy
53Western Riding Adult22530Emily EubankSkips Pretty Rosalie
54Open Ranch Horse Riding Pleasure22530Emily EubankSkips Pretty Rosalie
42752Kason TomsUltimately Missy
57Speed Barrels32752Kason TomsUltimately Missy
58Cloverleaf Barrels62752Kason TomsUltimately Missy
59Pole Bending32752Kason TomsUltimately Missy
61Open Trail22530Emily EubankSkips Pretty Rosalie
52522Avery IversOops-A-Daisy
62752Kason TomsUltimately Missy
62In Hand Trail12318Kaitlyn BarberZippos Unique Chip
22752Kason TomsUltimately Missy
42555Cheyenne DavisStripes Little Swan
52510Grace HarmonPi R Squared
62527Emma Ann RansonLM Flashy Star