Hear the Beat Open Horse Show, 6/5/2016

Only BRHF sanctioned classes and members shown

Class Number Class Name Place BackNumber Rider Horse
3Beginner Hunter Rider wt12758Kenya MunguiaTate
32538McKenna WoodySidekick Lilly
52557Ryleigh CookTankenstein
62548Emily RimmGood Golly Miss Molly
4Beginner Hunter Rider w/t/c12758Kenya MunguiaTate
22538McKenna WoodySidekick Lilly
32557Ryleigh CookTankenstein
52548Emily RimmGood Golly Miss Molly
62501Alexis SmallIndian Summer
5Youth Hunter Pleasure w/t32537Noelle HulmesChamp
42552Kristin RuddleA Casual Affair
52556Riley CarrM M Gracie
62473Kylee HallHidden Agenda
6Youth Hunter Pleasure w/t/c22552Kristin RuddleA Casual Affair
42537Noelle HulmesChamp
52501Alexis SmallIndian Summer
9Beginner Hunter Horse/Pony w/t32556Riley CarrM M Gracie
52552Kristin RuddleA Casual Affair
10Beginner Hunter Horse/Pony w/t/c42552Kristin RuddleA Casual Affair
11Beginner Hunter Horse/Pony Crossrails22552Kristin RuddleA Casual Affair
12Beginner Hunter Rider Crossrails12758Kenya MunguiaTate
22538McKenna WoodySidekick Lilly
32501Alexis SmallIndian Summer
42557Ryleigh CookTankenstein
13Youth Hunter Pleasure w/t/c22473Kylee HallHidden Agenda
32552Kristin RuddleA Casual Affair
15Hopeful Hunter12552Kristin RuddleA Casual Affair
16Hopeful Hunter12552Kristin RuddleA Casual Affair
17Hopeful Hunter on the flat12552Kristin RuddleA Casual Affair
22537Noelle HulmesChamp
18Youth Hunter Equitation on the flat12552Kristin RuddleA Casual Affair
22537Noelle HulmesChamp
52557Ryleigh CookTankenstein
62473Kylee HallHidden Agenda
26Showmanship12552Kristin RuddleA Casual Affair
22557Ryleigh CookTankenstein
30Ranch Riding Walk/Trot12325Debbie JarelsOrkie Jazzed Me Up